An interesting article from Yahoo!: “Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour”

Click the link –> Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour for the article. It talks about (maybe not) obvious factors that us guys should not do, given that our girls would think the same way as the author. Lying: It depends on the intensity of the lie. If I tell a lie to hide something I shouldn’t have done, then that […]

Expensive Price

School’s ending within a year for me. I have no idea how my future is gonna be. If I don’t remain in country, chances are I cannot afford a relationship now. Now, those of you who visit, whether you are my friends, or just came across via my Facebook or Youtube page, or through search […]


It’s like, even if the girl is single, doesn’t mean you have a chance. Similarly, even if the girl is in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance.

(Girl) Friends?

I was just inspired while about to chat with this girl and reminds me how I should actually categorise them as.  Sure, some may say ‘you don’t categorise people; you shouldn’t even need to hesitate1 who isn’t your friend,’ because some would think people automatically become your friend when you are introduced to them. I […]