Future or not?

Some couples break up because of internal or external problems. Others break up because of unmatching characteristics. Some others break up because of future prospectives. Last term I met this Japanese dude who gradually befriended this Japanese girl, whom I knew later was an exchange for a year(?) Anyhow, recently I saw that they got […]

Small thought

The follow up post will be up in a day or two or so – being lazy. And it’s late. Just want to talk about changes and perspectives. People can change. You can change. Sometimes others change while you stay the same; other times you change but others don’t. What does this all mean? I’ve […]

Types of attraction

(or relationships) I think there are two types. I may be wrong but I feel there are some girls that you don’t really have feelings for. Those feelings are like flat. You are not particularly excited with anything related to her. Like a normal friend. I guess you don’t really like her then, but you […]

A blog for a friend

I was talking to her and she wanted me to type it up because she was in a similar boat that I was in. Do we remember from last time that the conversation I had with that girl who shall not be named went really bad because I did one thing I should not have […]


So, From V to F is one major knotch forward. Together they make Virtua Fighter, but that’s aside. Something from V that taught me was that during that time, you would care so much about what the truth was, ie., what was she really thinking. In the end she wasn’t really thinking at all. I […]

The Answer.

I want to make this short. I managed to talk to her for real while I was driving us to her area, to get the books back, despite knowing that it would damage the relationship, or ‘pre-relationship’. ~ We got on my car. It was the last time I opened the door for her. So, […]


I really feel like writing tonight, but at the same time I don’t feel like writing because I know not many will read or appreciate (this is not a popular site afterall!). Anyway, a few things that I wanna express out to people (yeah right, like we really have a lot of ‘people’). First, a […]

From friends to being boy/girlfriends.

Something interesting that someone raised in the past that is worth considering upon, which is the ideal time in being friends before you can progress to being together as a couple. The time is roughly four months.. and apparently after that the chances of pursuing the girl to being your girlfriend is slim, or slimmer […]