TaeKwon-Do Today I learned a few things. Teaching can’t be too strict on everyone – gotta see which age group they are in and the belt level. Another thing is I realised how important concentration is, after reading Rafa’s site. He said ‘it is important NOT to lose concentration.’ And I tried it today in […]

08-12-09 TaeKwon-Do

Today’s class is worth recalling and looking back. Basically I am reminded a few things as a student and not as an assistant instructor. In the first class, J7 likes to go around to lecture the kids while I just do my own thing, preparing my mind to start class. I learned something new about […]

Black Belt Oath

Life Tae Kwon-Do International Daily Black Belt Oath I shall be honest at all times. I shall respect all life. I shall never go against my parents or teachers. I shall never misuse Tae Kwon-Do. I shall appreciate all that I have. I shall always try my best. I shall think before saying or acting.