So, I just met that girl whom I’ve sort of ended my values on her. She asked me what I’m up to. I’m like doing Math. She said last time she was really busy and that she slept at 4 last night? Okay. And she subsequently apologised saying that she was really busy (uh huh) […]

Girls Update

So I left off with the girl not replying by phone nor text. I ended up in misery for almost two days. She texted back at around 1:40 saying she just woke up ’cause she was really tired. My previous message prior to that was about telling her to at least reply if she wasn’t […]

Night time

Quick post before bedtime. Two nights ago, I messaged I*y. I remember her ignoring my messages/text/calls – maybe so do you, if you have read an earlier post. She did reply. I didn’t go straight into asking her out. I was waiting to see her reaction. When she replied, I knew she would at the […]